Why My Buddy Gard 4G GPS Tracking APP and Devices?

As GPS tracking industry is getting more and more crowded, you want to make sure to pick product and service the words we only need some requirements. After doing some research and asking around. I found out that most of the GPS tracking companies in Australia are still selling 3G products. Why am I bringing this up? Well, It’s all great for the next couple of years, but after a brief conversation with Telstra’s crowd support and a bit of online research. We found out that the switching off half of the 3G spectrum on 25th of March 2019. Telstra 3G only operates in two frequencies: 2100 and 850. This means that if your device does not support 850mghtz service then it stops to work. Telstra said that they’ll mail out care packages with 4G SIM cards. But if your device doesn’t support a NANO SIM card then it will stop to work.

Telstra’s crowd support articles say: Your current device will continue to operate until we disconnect the 2100MHz layer of our 3G mobile services in the area where the device is located.

Well if you don’t operate your device or change the network setting (if applicable) before the disconnection, then you will no longer be able to use your service from this device. To continue, to be able to use your service. We recommend that you upgrade to 4G compatible device. Or a device that’s compatible with the 3G 850 MHz mobiles service. I mean it makes perfect sense. Because they need to refurbish the old 3G frequencies for 4G Networks.
Think about it, obtaining 3G is getting harder and harder to achieve. A couple of years back, Telstra and Optus switched off the 2G networks. And Vodaphone followed a little bit later. We all knew it had to happen in some stage because technology keeps advancing. the telcos need to refurbish the old frequencies to make room for new and advanced networks. And this is why MY BUDDY GARD offers only 4G LTE products and service suitable for vehicle protection recovery. And waterproof pet and personal tracking devices. All our products are using Voda phone and Telstra 4G networks to show peace of mind to our customers for years to come. Make sure you do your research before making any purchases. If any questions about our products and services, please feel free to comment below or visit us at mybuddygard.com.au. You’ll find lots of useful information through our blog and social media. As a part of our research, We found out Telstra started talking about switching off the 3G networks back in 2016. And the flag the earliest shutdown for 2020. And it is not only happening in Australia but happening all around the world.

As we’ve been part of satellite tracking industry for the past six years and seen all these changes. We’ve made it our mission to make sure our of future proof and our customers are covered for years to come. Would you believe there were over 53,000 car thefts in Australia last year? And there are over 35,000 people reported missing on an annual basis. That’s like a football stadium were for people, POOF! done! Having the most reliable and future proof device is more critical than ever. My Buddy Gard 4G devices are here to protect you 24/7. And because we take privacy very seriously. We’ve located service in Sydney Australia and we’ve encrypted all the data. You can find the links with our research from down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with My Buddy Gard. And the latest news from the satellite-tracking industry. Bringing your peace of mind, security and freedom. Thank you for choosing My Buddy Gard.